Second Pan-European Structured Dialogic Design Process
WP2 – Road Mapping

This Wiki has been designed for the purpose of supporting the second structured dialogue, under the Coordination Action CARDIAC, which will take place in San Sebastian between the 28-29 of June, 2011.
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The following Triggering Question has been selected to focus the dialogue for the SDDP Meeting in San Sebastian:

"What type of research is missing that could facilitate development of inclusive HCI?"

We would therefore ask you to now begin posting what you consider to be the critical types of research in response to this Triggering Question, under the "Round1 - Generation - discussion" heading. Responses can be input until the 24th of June 2011, 18h00 CET and there will then be a final opportunity to propose factors on the first day of the SDDP in Spain.

In answering the triggering question we should be able to deliver:
1. Clear proposals on what technologies need to be supported. E.g..: Eye tracking, Voice/gesture recognition, wearable devices, smart displays, etc.
2. Clear inputs on what methodologies have to be investigated. E.g..: Adaptive UI design, Accessibility evaluation guidelines (for devices, services and applications)
3. Clear contributions on what kind of tools should be developed. E.g..: Automatic accessibility verification/design tools, Accessible User Interface Description Languages, etc

All the other phases (Rounds 2-5) will be carried out during the 2-day meeting in Spain. The schedule of the event in Spain is posted under the "Schedule" heading.