Round 5-Enhancement Mapping

In this round the participants are engaged in a synchronous interaction, either face-to-face or virtually, and utilize the Cogniscope software ( to construct a relational map displaying the influences among ideas of higher relative importance, as determined from the voting results of Round 4. This "Root Cause Map" draws distinctions between ideas that exert strong leverage, appearing at the roots of the relational tree (map), and ideas that are less influential appearing at the branches of the tree. Drawing these distinctions are critical in the design of an ideal model for the design challenge or issue. Experience tells us that, for example, without diagnosing the roots of the issue the stakeholders run the risk of allocating resources to the symptoms and not the causes of the problem situation.

The construction of the Root Cause Map can be performed by engaging the participants in a disciplined dialogue either in the same location or in different locations, depending on their availability and other considerations.

The construction of the Enhancement Map by the group of participants completes the stage of the idealization of the requirements for the design challenge. The Enhancement Map becomes the foundation for developing a collaborative action plan for approximating the desirable ideal model.