Round 1 - Generation

In your role as participant you are now asked to click on the discussion tab above and begin entering your repsonses to the triggering question, which for this particular structured dialogue is:

"What type of research is missing that could facilitate the development of inclusive HCI?"

Answering the triggering question we should be able to deliver:

1. Clear proposals on what technologies need to be supported. E.g..: Eye tracking, Voice/gesture recognition, wearable devices, smart displays, etc.

2. Clear inputs on what methodologies have to be investigated. E.g..: Adaptive UI design, Accessibility evaluation guidelines (for devices, services and applications)

3. Clear contributions on what kind of tools should be developed. E.g..: Automatic accessibility verification/design tools, Accessible User Interface Description Languages, etc.

You have until June 24, 2011 @ 18:00 CET to enter your STATEMENTS (one sentence) and their respective CLARIFIACTIONS (few sentences), please ensure you number your statement as this is crucial for future identification.

Important suggestion: The form that is used to post statements (in the discussion tab) has a "Monitor this Topic" check box which will allow you to receive an email every time someone responds to your post. Check the box and you will be sent an email that has a direct link back to the wiki so you can respond quickly without searching through all of the posts.