Step 1: Select and invite a group of stakeholders interested in an issue or a group design challenge.

Step 2: Identify a member of the group that is willing to play the role of the Leader in terms of availability to interact directly with the Knowledge Management Team (KMT). The KMT and/or the FT are responsible for managing the structured dialogue.

Step 3: The team leader frames, in collaboration with the KMT/FT, a "Triggering Question" appropriate for the design challenge selected for strucutred dialogue among the stakeholders.

Step 4: All stakeholders respond to the triggering question via the Wiki ahead of the meeting. Questions regarding the ideas as well as clarifications can be posted by all the members of the group.

Step 5: Team members are engaged "synchronously," over 2-day meeting in San Sebastian, in a strategic dialogue responding to pair-wise questions searching for possible links between the various ideas.

Step 6: After the two-day meeting, further clarifications and analysis of the ideas in the 'influence tree' or 'road-map' are collected via the Wiki. Special focus is given to the ideas at the foot of the road-map which have the most influence.